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La Belle Cosaque

October 26, 2009
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Our first book (mine, since I did not deem it proper to experiment with anyone else’s work, and this is unquestionably an experiment) appears to be up!  La Belle Cosaque is therefore now officially available from Amazon in a Kindle edition.  The print version will follow soon.

A brief description:

La Belle Cosaque coverShe’ll work for anyone, but she doesn’t have to like them.

In this dark satire, a nomadic Cossack mercenary makes a precarious living working for the most dangerous people in the most dangerous parts of the world — such as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, China, Nigeria, Mexico, and Washington, DC.


Center 61: Pre-Life

October 23, 2009
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Hello! We’re set to start rolling out our first slate of books over the next few months — and in my editorial capacity, I’ve already discovered a melancholy truth noted by many publishers before me. Namely, that the supply of books I’d like to publish meaningfully outpaces my ability to do so (thus far, anyway).

We’ll be feeling our way, based on feedback from — well, what you buy and say you like. Would that I had a more mercenary soul, but I must confess that the latter point weighs just as heavily with me, if not more than the former.

Over the next few weeks, we’re planning to run a few test cases with Kindle-only editions; given that Amazon makes it so blessed easy to do so (or so I think at this early stage), we figured why not. (We figure “why not” frequently.)

To date, the books we’ve got queued up fit under opinion/humor, satire, pulp action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and historical. We’re not a niche publisher. But we do like writing where something actually happens or that makes a nice pointy point, possibly due in part to our limited attention span (particularly mine, because I wield the final editorial pen).

I’ll be posting updates here. Thanks very much for stopping by, and you can always contact me either in the comments or at misterfeenix (at) gmail (dot) com.

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